1. My wife told me to make sure it’s large enough for me to sleep there…just in case!

    Thanks for the comments!


  2. Nice and thank you for the ideas.
    I was thinking of making one with pex and having it come out from the garage and into a small pond.
    I would like for a while when I have my bedroom in that part of the house but the neighbors may grow tired of it.
    I guess like you I will only turn on for a a while. The blind idea is really nice. I was going to put a tarp attached by velcro to the front of my back portico and shoot through a hole.


  3. very nice, Mike. I need to take photos of my setup and I definitely need a peanut butter tree

  4. Suz

    This is looking great, Mike! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, and your birds, with us. Keep up the great work!


  5. Last summer I was sitting in the back yard thinking of a way to do something like this now ya gave me a idea that looks really great Thank you Very nice setup you got there.


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