1. Kathy McCoy

    Mike, you are awesome, you really make the meaning of keep on trying mean something. these of course are all beautiful pictures, but this blog is much more than that. You are and inspiration to everyone who faces any kinds of challenges.. Great Job. And do plan the next hike, you can do it… We love and miss you all.

  2. Patti

    Mike, this is the best and most important blog entry I’ve seen to date. You amaze me. Your strength must come from God, because I can’t imagine any man being able to get you there and back in once piece, let alone to talk about doing it again. Praise be to God… Holy, Holy, Holy… May He continue to bless you with strength and will to do what, at times, must seem nigh unto impossible.


  3. I have been following you on Facebook, and your strength and spirit are so inspiring! After just finishing my treatment for cancer (three weeks ago), at times I am feeling frustrated about being so tired, but I think about your story and remind myself I have nothing to complain about…to quit whining, get off my duff, and get out there and shoot! THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful work and for being such an inspiration!

  4. Helen H

    Awesome pictues Mike. So glad you’re doing well enough to do some hiking.


  5. @Jana – I still complain, ask my wife! But she sets me straight…LOL!!

    Thanks everybody, it means a lot to me. 🙂

  6. Uncle John

    You will never cease to amaze me, Mike… that’s a great post and, as usual, gorgeous pix… thanks for sharing! And my best to Stacy and the kids…

  7. Uncle Walt

    Never doubt your capacity, Mike! The more you do the more you will be capable of doing. I’m so proud of you, and only wish we could be closer to you. We’re looking forward to our next visit! Thanks for keeping us posted.


  8. Going way back to our days in Indian Guides, I always knew you had a great love of God’s Outdoors. It was just natural for you to be outside, in the woods, doing what I knew you really enjoyed. And with this trip, I can see that love of Life coming back stronger than ever…….Yes, it’s tough……..but the joy is found in the Journey, and the discoveries we all make during that Journey….. that’s what makes us who we are. When we reach our Destination, that simply means that it’s time to start another Journey.

    And so it is…….as you finished this Journey……..and reflect on what it has meant to so many of your Family and Friends, I know you well enough to realize that this was simply the first of what can only be described as, “The Rest Of Your Life”.

    Our love continues with you and the Family, as you begin to really get back to God’s Wonderful Outdoors.

    Love Ya !!

    Mom ‘n Dad


  9. Hey Mike — There’s alot to be said about having heart. And you’ve certainly got that! — If you’re looking for a trekking partner, say the word.

  10. Ken

    Great entry. I love all the smiles. Never doubt what you can do. With God at your side, all things are possible. Take care my old roommate. I look forward to read about your next adventure.

  11. Gaylyn

    Mike these pictures are totally AWESOME! You are a inspiration to us all…When I start to complain about my disabilities, I can now think of you(and your beautiful family)and be inspired to tread on! I love to read Guideposts stories, and yours is one of my favorites. May God continue to give you strength throughout this beautiful journey called LIFE…

  12. Steve Bland

    I’ve been toying with the idea of taking nature photos – possibly for sale or donation for use by others – but never considered myself as having enough knowledge of the art. Mike, you just DID it. I guess I can follow that lead also. Thanks for the great photos, and the example you set for others like me.


  13. Hi, Mike
    I really enjoyed reading your story Into the Beauty, so glad you did’nt give up on our purpose in life. Sometimes it take some longer than other but we know it can be done. You have inspired me this morning as read your story. May God Bless you on this day for I truly thank God for allowing me to read this story. As I begin to read about the different birds it was if I was there, so the point is never give up on yourself. Just take one day and one step at a time.


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