It was a pretty slow year, photography-wise. I made a few trips to Yosemite, a few trips to the Merced NWR, one trip to the eastern Sierra to capture the fall colors. I visited a new location as well, the Great Valley Grassland near Gustine, CA. So with all of that, I thought I’d post

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everybody here! The manger scene is a scratch-built building using balsa wood, plastic sheet and ordinary twigs and sand. I included two grain of wheat lights for lights made to look like lanterns and hand-painted the 4-inch figures.

When I started posting my landscape pictures on the internet, I would occasionally hear, “It’s not level” or the “Horizon isn’t level”. That was fine in most cases because I didn’t have a level on my camera or tripod. Fixed in post (Photoshop). I finally bought a level that attaches to the hot-shoe on the