Family stuff like trips, birthdays etc.

Took the family to do some stargazing. Before we headed up to Glacier Point I stopped at Mirror Lake. Ten years ago we spent the afternoon playing in the water and took a few pics. One of the pictures I took was with the kids on top of a rock. Once I did that I

It’s that time of year again. My two beautiful young women, Hannah and Sarah, are on their way to the 2016 Stone Ridge Christian High School (SRCHS) Prom this evening. This will be Hannah’s last Prom and this is Sarah’s first. Because the school is somewhat small, grades 9 through 12 can attend. We had

A Mountain Christmas Memory On Sunday our church preformed “A Mountain Christmas Memory” by Paul McCusker from a story by Dan Miller and produced by special arrangement with Lillenas Publishing Co. Hannah was “Jane” and Sarah was “Laura”. O Glorious Day: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb That evening the Merced Christian School drama class

This evening, Hannah (and two others) drove from Atwater to Moore’s Karate in Turlock to test for their brown-belts. It was a little different. When Sarah tested for her brown-belt, the parents were not allowed to watch. We were allowed to watch her, but decided not too because we knew Hannah would be nervous if