Hannah and Sarah’s Karate pictures from Moore’s Karate in Atwater.

This evening, Hannah (and two others) drove from Atwater to Moore’s Karate in Turlock to test for their brown-belts. It was a little different. When Sarah tested for her brown-belt, the parents were not allowed to watch. We were allowed to watch her, but decided not too because we knew Hannah would be nervous if

Just finished going through all of the photos I took from this weekend’s Moore’s Karate Camp. I think the kids had a great time. We (Moore’s Karate Atwater) placed first in the Karate Demo Saturday afternoon too, so a big congratulations to everybody involved! I’ll post the demo photos in a later date.

Hannah finally earned her hi-green belt this evening at Moore’s Karate, Atwater. I say finally because she was supposed to test a several months ago, but the day before she was to test, she sprained her ankle at cheer practice. Congratulations to Hannah and the other new belts! On to Karate Camp this weekend!

This weekend my kids had their Fall Karate Camp here at Castle from Moore’s Karate. Both Hannah and Sarah played a role in “our” karate demo Saturday evening and both had an opportunity to beat up some boys…LOL! My wife used Hannah’s iPod to capture the demo on video, so I’ll try and post that