Landscape pictures from Yosemite, Merced and the Eastern Sierra.

Setting Moon at Lake Yosemite
Setting Moon at Lake Yosemite

A few days ago we had another full moon. From experience, I know photographing the full moon AND having some interesting feature with the full moon is near impossible, at […]

Small Birds at Sunrise
Small Birds at Sunrise

Been wanting to visit the refuge for some time now. Decided to get up and take a drive before the birds left for the season. Since I’m more of a […]

Merced NWR, Central Valley Califonia

I was already late. I wanted to stop by the refuge before I go to this month’s camera club meeting. I already knew exactly where I wanted to go, and […]

Sunset at Lake Yosemite

Looking at my The Photographer’s Ephemeris last week I noticed that the Waning Crescent Moon might be visible on December 1 until around 4pm. Decided to take a drive to […]

Sunrise at Merced NWR

I really didn’t plan on making a trip to the refuge this morning. Last night I was cruising Facebook and I noticed a photographer-friend was in the area. After a […]

MNWR Update

I finally decided to check out the Merced Camera Club after two or three years of “I should”. Since it started at 6:30, I thought I’d drive over to the […]