Pictures from Yosemite National Park.

Took the family to do some stargazing. Before we headed up to Glacier Point I stopped at Mirror Lake. Ten years ago we spent the afternoon playing in the water and took a few pics. One of the pictures I took was with the kids on top of a rock. Once I did that I

Been wanting to try my hand on night photography. Since my youngest daughter wanted to see the stars I packed up the family. drinks, food and camera stuff and headed to Glacier Point. I don’t own a good fast wide angle lens so my two choices was my 50mm f/1.8 and my 17-40mm f/4. I

It’s Moon time again. Most of the time the best time to photograph the full moon and also see some of the landscape details is to go the day before or the morning after the full moon. This month it fell on a Sunday. Decided to take the family as well, so after church we

I spent my morning near Tioga Pass photographing Mammoth Peak. For the evening I drove up to Washburn Point in hopes to capture the rising moon over Red Peak and anything else I might capture. Thankfully the clouds cooperated that afternoon and I took several pictures of the rising moon over Washburn Point and other

Last month the clouds obscured the rising moon when I was at Washburn Point. When I arrived here on Friday there were a few clouds overhead. Since I wasn’t going to leave, I had to wait to see if the conditions improved. I knew it was time for the moon to rise, but no moon.

The park finally opened up Tioga Pass last week. I got a chance to make the 3-hour drive Friday morning stopping at my favorite high country “icon”, Mammoth Peak. Spent the morning milling around Tuolumne Meadows and Olmstead Point and finally driving up to Washburn Point for the rising moon.

Went up to Washburn Point to hopefully shoot the rising Moon. Since I got there early, I milled around looking for photo ops. I recently shot Nevada and Vernal Falls from Glacier Point so I didn’t plan on shooting them again. As I was sitting in the car resting I could see a “rainbow” starting