Black and White Pictures

View all of my black & white landscape, nature and wildlife pictures from Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon (SeKi) National Park and scenes from the Central Valley of California.

All of my black & white landscape and nature photos are available for sale as fine art prints or for stock photography licensing.

Geese in the Fog
My first trip to the local refuge this year and it was quite foggy. Had fun photographing some "abstract" work with a lot of geese in the fog.
Yosemite Valley Storm
The weather was pretty bad on this day. Luckily the weather cooperated for a few minutes and got a few shots. I couldn't walk very good, so a friend of mine moved the truck so I could shoot this shot from inside the truck.
This Old House in Black and White
This is an old ranch house along the road in Los Banos, Ca
El Capitan in Black and White
I had to walk 1/4 of a mile, in my walker so I could see the sunrise at Cathedral Beach. The sunrise wasn't as great as I hoped, but there's always next week!
Standing Watch
As I was watching the sunset at Tenaya Lake, I saw these and I figured I’d take a photo of them!
The Lonely Road
Had some fog at sunrise that morning, so I rolled down the window and took a few photos.
Country Morning
I was driving into work as I usually do, but I happened to notice the fog was starting to roll in. The sun was starting to rise also so I decided to shoot a few photos. I couldn't walk so I shot the photos from inside the car door.
El Capitan in Moonlight
My wife and I decided to drive up to Yosemite for a few hours to get some night shots with the full moon. Since I couldn’t walk, I put the tripod next to the driver’s door. Well I was getting ready to shoot a Raccoon brushed against my leg and I jumped...I thought it must have been a Bear!
Mount Watkins Reflections in B/W
Just up for the afternoon and had to stop at Mirror Lake and take a photograph of Mount Watkins.
Snapshot of an Icicle in BW
Had a chance to go up to Yosemite for an afternoon to meet another photographer. It was kind of hard to get out to take any “good” shots as the snow was deep and I don’t have snow tires on my wheelchair! So we went up to Tunnel View and shot a few photos while I was there. As we were leaving, my wife wanted me to take a snapshot of these icicles hanging from the rocks at the Wawona Tunnel. Thought it would look good as a black and white.
Polly Dome Reflections in B/W
Tenaya Lake is reflecting into Polly Dome.
Approaching Storm At Olmstead Point II In B/W
I had a great day of shooting. That morning I had just finished shooting at Siesta Lake and the snow started falling. Cool, it was October so it is the season. I continued along the Tioga Road stopping here and there that day and it was a pretty nice day. That afternoon the snow started again, but I decided to try to shoot at Tenaya Lake. I couldn't see anything so I decided to leave back home. By the time I got to Olmstead Point, the snow had stopped as soon as it started, but the skies were still ready for more. At Olmstead Point the views were almost not existent. Clouds obscured Half Dome and Clouds Rest, but there was some great light right on top of and Tenaya Peak. Since I was tired from walking with the walker all day, I decided to stay in the car and put the tripod right beside the car door and shot the last few photos and left for home. It was a great end to a great day trip!
Tenaya Peak in B/W
Tenaya Peak from Olmsted Point, Yosemite NP. Nothing special here, but I'm trying out my new Canon 70-200 f/4L (non-IS) lens. I think I'm going to like this lens! 🙂
Mammoth Peak in B/W
This was the last day that was able to go to Yosemite, June 6, 2006. A few days later I started getting complications from my knee replacement in February 2006. Right now I'm without a right knee, so these shots are memorable. I normally shoot from inside my car because I use a walker, but my friend saw a clump of bushes about 50 yards away that looked like a great place. The ground was pretty flat so I decided to venture beyond the car! I moved as close to the stream as I could go, without falling in. The afternoon clouds were starting to form and the sun would go behind the clouds often. On this shot the clouds were behind the clouds. I really love this shot, but I would have preferred to see a bit more lighting on this shot. I have another shot on a “portrait” version that has that better light, but it was a great day regardless!
Clouds Over Mount Gibbs in B/W
One of my favorite spots along the Tioga Road. I had to stop here as a storm was forming. It only rained for a few seconds, but got some nice photos!
Wintertime at Tioga Lake in BW
Well, maybe it's not really wintertime, but it does look like it. This was taken a week after Tioga Pass opened. I had to get there before the snow melted. Having just hiked down to Tioga Lake, I was too tired to walk down to this part of the shore, so I shot this from the road.
Saint Catherine’s Church with Clouds in BW
We like to take the kids out to Hornitos, CA every couple of months. It's a nice little town and the kids like to play in the playground. I told my wife that I didn't plan on taking any pictures of the church, unless I saw something unusual. Well, right before we left, some clouds started forming so I had to drive up the hill hand capture it!
View of the Kuna Crest in Black and White
Since my family didn’t want to stay in the park while I took photos at sunset (and beyond), I dropped them off at the motel in Lee Vining, ate dinner, and drove back to the park. I decided to stay just shy of Tioga Pass, right here at Tioga Lake. I thought about walking (climbing) down to the shore, but decided I’d stay up here at the vista – much safer for me! By the time I arrived (7:15pm), the light was focused on Mammoth Peak, so that’s pretty much what I did too. I did take a few pictures of the Kuna Crest and converted this image to a black and white.
Cloud on Horsetail Falls
As I was waiting until sunset to capture the Horsetail Falls, I spotted this single cloud right on top of the falls. I thought I would convert the color image into black and white picture.
Homestead in Black and White
Anyone familiar with highway 395 near Lee Vining, should recognize this building. I’ve driven by many times in the past and never stopped to take any pictures. Since I had nothing else to do, I stopped this time and got this. Converted it to a black and white.
Lungs in BW
I got up early and drove out to the Merced Wildlife Refuge to see if I can get some early morning fog photos. I really liked the the isolation because of the fog. Somebody mentioned that this photograph looks similar to a pair of lungs, so that’s what I called it!
Small Pond in BW
On my way home from Lone Pine, I stopped in at the Rock Creek Campground. It was near noon, so lighting was pretty harsh. I found a small pond with some wildflowers and composed a few pictures.
Bridalveil Falls in Black and White
Lacking a lot of colors, converting this image of Bridalveil Falls to black in white seemed obvious to me.
Sunrise Over Mount Gibbs in Black and White
The sunrise colors that morning wasn#&8217;t epic, but I like the clouds forming that morning over Mount Gibbs. Since it lacked any colors, I converted this to a black and white instead.
Mount Conness In B/W
Olmsted Point his is one of my favorite spots along the Tioga Road. This is Mount Conness in the background, one of my favorite hikes too! The skies were blue and hardly a cloud in the sky....too bad, I like clouds for photography. I decided to convert this into a Black and White using CS2 and Channel Mixer and a few other "goodies". I think it went well!
The Rock
Sometimes fall colors look better if they are converted into a black and white image. This is one of those cases. The colors just didn't say wow, so I converted this into a black and white.
My wife made me go to Yosemite the day after Thanksgiving (oh darn!). We decided to join the nature walk starting at the Awanee at 3pm. I saw these trees and had to capture them before we moved on.
Reflecting on Poly Dome
There wasn’t any WOW factor when I took this, other than the fact that Tenaya Lake was still calm! Within a few minutes, the wind started picking up and no more calm lake.
Mammoth Peak in Black and White
The afternoon sun was pretty intense, but I still wanted to take a picture of Mammoth Peak and the reflection. The color version was okay, but the black and white really stood up.
Castle Rock in B/W
This was my first day with the new camera (Canon 300D) around January 2005. I didn't even have a zoom lens, so my friend borrowed my 100-300mm lens for this shot (thanks Michael!). I just now (06-30-07) decided to try a Black and White conversion using CS2 and Channel Mixer and a few other goodies! Hope you like it!
Lone Tree
While I was photographing Mount Dana and Mount Gibbs I noticed this small tree lighting up by the morning sun.
Parting Clouds Over Glacier Point
After spending some time in Yosemite Valley with another photographer, we drove up to Glacier Point for sunset. I loved the parting clouds and thought a black and white conversion would look great.
Small Waterfall
I found a small waterfall that I can get to on the Wishon Fork of the Tule River at Mountain Home State Forest.