Month: August 2012

  • Fall Colors at Fern Spring Yosemite

    Fall Colors at Fern Spring Yosemite

    I guess because it’s been so hot lately, but I’ve been thinking about fall lately. I’ve been going through some of my older images this week. I found and processed this image of the fall colors at Fern Spring I took on Thanksgiving last year in Yosemite Valley.

  • Vogelsang Peak from Glacier Point

    Vogelsang Peak from Glacier Point

    It seemed like the focus this afternoon was going to be Half Dome with the impending sunset. Still, I kept looking for other photo opportunities. I liked the way the light was over Vogelsang Peak and the clouds to the right, so I switched lenses to zoom in for a better view.

  • Glacier Point Yosemite

    Glacier Point Yosemite

    It’s now round two! Going through my recent photos from my Yosemite trip from a few weeks ago. This was one of the first photos I took when I first got to Glacier Point. Sunset was still about 45 minutes away, but I really liked the “electric clouds” here. I liked the colors here, but […]

  • Fern Spring Yosemite

    Fern Spring Yosemite

    I normally would have driven by Fern Spring since I’ve photographed this a few times, but I didn’t think Josh had. Since I was there, I just had to take a few photos, just because it was there. I tried to find some different takes of this small icon.

  • Moon Over Mount Clark

    Moon Over Mount Clark

    I was done photographing the sunset at Glacier Point. I was just standing there and one of the tourists asked me if I were waiting for the moon. Honestly, I forgot and I really had no intention of staying. I figured by the time the moon showed up, it would be completely dark. So I […]

  • Sunset at Glacier Point

    Sunset at Glacier Point

    I had an opportunity to meet a local (Atwater) photographer and spend the whole day shooting and talking. I wanted to stick around town, maybe Hornitos, Lake Yosemite or San Luis NWR. Unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement, so I reluctantly (seriously) suggested Yosemite. I said reluctantly because I new it was going to […]