Hannah and Sarah’s Karate pictures from Moore’s Karate in Atwater.

Fall Karate Camp 2014

That’s a wrap on the fall Moore’s Karate Camp 2014. It was hot, sunny, hot, and did I mention HOT? The kids seem to have a great time regardless. I […]

A Brown-belt for Hannah

This evening, Hannah (and two others) drove from Atwater to Moore’s Karate in Turlock to test for their brown-belts. It was a little different. When Sarah tested for her brown-belt, […]

Karate Camp - Spring 2014

Just finished going through all of the photos I took from this weekend’s Moore’s Karate Camp. I think the kids had a great time. We (Moore’s Karate Atwater) placed first […]

Hannah's Hi-Green Ceremony at Moore's Karate; Atwater, CA.

Hannah finally earned her hi-green belt this evening at Moore’s Karate, Atwater. I say finally because she was supposed to test a several months ago, but the day before she […]

Fall Karate Camp 2013

This weekend my kids had their Fall Karate Camp here at Castle from Moore’s Karate. Both Hannah and Sarah played a role in “our” karate demo Saturday evening and both […]