Took a quick drive the Merced NWR last week (I know I’m slow in posting) to try and capture the sunset. I planned on setting up at my normal location, […]

Mount Dana Yosemite

Had a two night stay at the Lower Pines Campground in Yosemite a few weeks ago. I know….I’m late in posting it! Anyway. I had an opportunity to go camping […]

Water + Camera = Fun!

I’m back this season as the “Official” Awana Clubs photographer. I haven’t taken any action shots in months, so I had to get used to that…but in no time I […]

Zumwalt Meadow

Took a day trip to Kings Canyon on Saturday with James. Unfortunately Michael wasn’t able to go. We drove out to Zumwalt Meadows and hiked the “mainly flat” 1.5 mile […]

Santa Cruz, CA

We’ve been wanting to take the kids back to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk all summer. We had some coupons from the back of the recent Pepsi cans….so we went […]

Yep, no pictures this time. I’ve been “busy” re-designing my backpacking/hiking website, The Backcountry. I really like the new design and I sparked a ‘bug’ to tweak my nature photography […]

Rising Star

Hannah got a camera for her birthday. She’s still a bit “shy” about using it, but she’s getting used to it. Here’s a few of HER photos…