Kuna Crest

Photo of clouds and Mammoth Peak and the Kuna Crest

As I was going through my archives I came across this one from a few years ago called Clouds Over the Kuna Crest. I’ve always liked it, but I thought […]

Clouds Over The Kuna Crest in Black and White

Seems that clouds are a rare thing these days, at least when I’m in Yosemite trying to take some cool photos. I was happy to see a bunch of clouds […]

New Look and New Images for Purchase!

I decided change my website a bit. Since I’m a nature photographer, I wanted the site to reflect a more natural or outdoor look. I changed the color scene for […]

Twightlight on the Kuna Crest

With sunset now behind the mountains, I focused my attention to the small strip of pastel colors right above the Kuna Crest. I was a little annoyed on the first […]

Mammoth Peak

Since my family didn’t want to stay in the park while I took photos at sunset (and beyond), I dropped them off at the motel in Lee Vining, ate dinner, […]