My Wife.

Moore's Karate Camp

My daughters had their Karate Camp this weekend at Castle Airport (old Castle AFB). Even our dog “Ninja” attended. Always a good time!

Sunset at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.

Back in January we took a trip to Las Vegas for Hannah’s gymnastic meet. Las Vegas is not my type of town and I never thought I’d ever go back. […]

Santa Cruz, CA

We’ve been wanting to take the kids back to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk all summer. We had some coupons from the back of the recent Pepsi cans….so we went […]

Frog Town

Went for a day trip to Calaveras County to the annual “Frog Town – Jumping Frog Jubilee” yesterday. Didn’t take any photos of the frog jumping festivities as that event […]