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  • Mammoth Peak Near Sunset

    Mammoth Peak Near Sunset

    I kept looking towards Mono Lake and started seeing some pretty colors in the sky, but by that time (8:15), it was too late to drive to a new location. The peaks started to change colors a bit and I noticed a few clouds were starting to flow towards my location! I just hoped the […]

  • Mammoth Peak from Tioga Lake

    Mammoth Peak from Tioga Lake

    Since my family didn’t want to stay in the park while I took photos at sunset (and beyond), I dropped them off at the motel in Lee Vining, ate dinner, and drove back to the park. I decided to stay just shy of Tioga Pass, right here at Tioga Lake. I thought about walking (climbing) […]

  • Snow in June!

    Snow in June!

    Since Tioga Pass opened last weekend, it’s time for my annual “Go to the Snow and Take Some Pictures Before the Snow Melts”, trip. I also wanted to take the kids up to the high country too, so my wife booked a room in Lee Vining for Monday night. We made a leisurely drive through […]

  • A Day in Yosemite

    A Day in Yosemite

    Found out that Tioga Pass opened last week, so had to get up there before the snow melted. It was a nice trip. This was my first solo trip to Yosemite since my surgeries a few years ago. I met a couple of photographers; Harvey, Randal and Randal’s wife (sorry I can’t remember your name). […]