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  • Bridalveil Falls in Black and White

    Bridalveil Falls in Black and White

    Lacking a lot of colors, converting this image of Bridalveil Falls to black in white seemed obvious to me.

  • Whispery Fog

    Whispery Fog

    When you’re visiting a popular location like Yosemite, sometimes it’s not about the icons. While the fog was obscuring the icons like Half Dome and El Capitan, I focused on other things. Right under El Capitan, there was some low hanging fog in the trees and composed a few frames. I thought about converting this […]

  • A Dream

    A Dream

    It was getting dark and the fog was obscuring every icon at Tunnel View, but I still wanted to continue shooting. I noticed a clearing above Bridalveil Falls and composed a few variations of the hole in the fog. I like the abstract-look about it. What do you think?

  • Sunset at Tunnel View

    Sunset at Tunnel View

    Seeing Friday’s Yosemite webcam, I really wanted to take a drive and hopefully photograph a sunset for myself. My wife had the day off and suggested a trip to Hornitos with the kids. I was okay with that, since we haven’t had a family outing in a while. I didn’t mention Yosemite as an option […]

  • The CPF/POTN Meet-Up at Yosemite

    The CPF/POTN Meet-Up at Yosemite

    A few days ago I mentioned that I went up to Yosemite for the day. You can read about it and view the photo here: Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite. After meeting everybody, we headed over to Mirror Lake. I was going to hike the one mile with everybody else, but decided against it because it would […]