Great Valley Grasslands - Mist Ball

Since fall is here, I wanted to photograph the fall colors in the Sierra. Unfortunately the location I picked is not quite ready, so I postponed my trip for a […]

I’ve been wanting to shoot something for a few weeks now, or maybe I should rephrase that…photograph something for a few weeks now. I was recently playing around with The […]

Ice on Tioga Lake

On my way to Tuolumne Meadows to hopefully capture some nice sunset colors, I had to stop at Tioga Lake. I thought the afternoon light reflecting on the water, coupled […]

Black Phoebe

A few months ago I saw a pair of Black Phoebes hanging around my backyard habitat, but they never got close enough to take a decent picture. I saw them […]

American Goldfinch

I made a few minor changes to my backyard pond. Some of the birds couldn’t figure out how to come to the water. In the process of trying to hide […]

Lincoln's Sparrow

I finished my new photography blind and pond/waterfall a few days ago. I’m going to take some pictures and post them at a later time, but I just had to […]

Nuttall's Woodpecker

Went out to my studio this afternoon even though the skies threatened rain. It never did and I got a few photos of a Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Dark-eyed Junco in my […]

Lincoln's Sparrow

I spent most of the afternoon just watching the different birds feeding, drinking and fighting. I just enjoyed the show and really didn’t take any pictures. Then I saw a […]