Sandhill Cranes flying above the sun
Flying Above the Sun

Last week I took my youngest daughter out to the local refuge in search for some Owls. Since I wasn’t planning on shooting any landscape shots I had my “big […]

Falling Snow at Tenaya Lake

Found another image in my archives. This photo was taken on a snowy, cold day in October 15, 2005 at Tenaya Lake, Yosemite.

A Tuolumne Meadows Panoramic

I’ve been going through my archives the last few weeks. I took this in May 27, 2009 and I already stitched the 6 portrait format images back in 2009, but […]

Sunrise at the Great Valley Grasslands State Park

I had to go to Stanford on Thursday for my yearly check-up. Since I’ve been itching to go out and do some landscape photography, I thought I’d get up early […]

A picture of a White-faced Ibis feeding.
White-faced Ibis

I actually drove past this White-faced Ibis at first. I noticed he didn’t try to fly or walk away, so I backed up and shot a few pictures this White-faced […]

Abstract weeds forming a next arrow

Right after sunrise I focused my attention on some of the small twigs in one of the pools. Really liked the light on the water and twigs. To me it […]

American Avocet ~ Recurvirostra americana
Amercian Avocet ~ Recurvirostra americana

I always loved the American Avocets (Recurvirostra americana) and Black-necked Stilts. My last trip to the refuge I was able to photograph both birds. I have a few different photos, […]

Setting Moon at Lake Yosemite
Setting Moon at Lake Yosemite

A few days ago we had another full moon. From experience, I know photographing the full moon AND having some interesting feature with the full moon is near impossible, at […]

Small Birds at Sunrise
Small Birds at Sunrise

Been wanting to visit the refuge for some time now. Decided to get up and take a drive before the birds left for the season. Since I’m more of a […]