July 2010

Rock Creek

On my way home from Lone Pine, I stopped in at the Rock Creek Campground. It was near noon, so lighting was pretty harsh. I found a small pond with […]

Moon Over the Alabama Hills

I had to take a trip down to the Alabama Hills while I was there in Lone Pine. I probably should have gotten up early instead of waiting until evening, […]

The Owens Valley Sunset

On my way down from the Whitney Portal to my camp spot at Lone Pine, I stopped along the road to capture a few snapshots of the Owens Valley. There […]

Lone Pine California

Took a 4-day car camping trip to Lone Pine CA to visit a friend. Really didn’t plan on focusing my trip around photography, but I did set out in the […]

New Look and New Images for Purchase!

I decided change my website a bit. Since I’m a nature photographer, I wanted the site to reflect a more natural or outdoor look. I changed the color scene for […]

Mammoth Peak

It’s funny because I wasn’t even going to take more photos in the near-dark sky, but I couldn’t help myself taking just one more picture! I really like the white […]

Festival of Dance 2010

Along with Hannah’s 12th birthday on Thursday, she also had her dance recital, Festival of Dance 2010, at the Merced Community College that evening. She preformed 5 numbers including her […]

Hannah's 12th Birthday

Has it been 12 years already? I really feel old now. It was a busy day yesterday. Hannah has been sick for over two weeks, which is probably why she […]