Eastern Sierra Nevada

My landscape and nature photos from the Eastern Sierra Nevada like Lundy Canyon, Convict Lake and June Lake Loop.

Fall colors at Convict Lake.

One of my favorite fall colors location has to be Convict Lake. Drove the 4 hour trip to capture the first light. Got there around 5am and tried to find […]

Fall colors on the June Lake Loop.

Okay, this technically is NOT the first picture of my recent fall color trip on Thursday. It was the first photo that I processed and posted here. I got up […]

Laurel Mountain at Sunset

Thought I’d just post the rest of the images (that I liked) of my Eastern Sierra Fall Colors here.

Cool and Calm

Before I packed up my camera stuff for the evening, I walked over to the spillway at Convict Lake. By that time all of the photographers had left so I […]

Fall Colors at June Lake Loop

I wasn’t too happy with a lot of my photos from the June Lake Loop Fall Color trip. Maybe it was just bad timing or I just didn’t have the […]

Sunset at Lundy Lake

I spent the day between Convict Lake and Conway Summit in search of fall colors. My normal locations was either past due or the colors were not quite ready. Last […]

Sunrise at Convict Lake

I spent the night at the Convict Lake Campground. I got some nice dramatic skies that evening and I was hoping for the same for that morning. It wasn’t quite […]

Laurel Mountain at Sunset

I was planning on going up to the eastern Sierra for the fall colors next week (19th and 20th). I decided to go this weekend mainly because of the recent […]

Mount Conness and North Peak

I knew before I stopped here that taking pictures around noon would not be the best time to be out, but I just had to stop! I really love this […]