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Vacation and Fall Colors

Vacation and Fall Colors

For the past 3 weeks the family has been on vacation. Our first week was a school field trip to Washington DC, Gettysburg, NYC, Philadelphia and Baltimore….quite a journey. The next two weeks spent in the Pittsburgh area visiting my family. All and all if was a great trip and only took about 400 pictures the whole three weeks. Most were just snapshots of the kids and also the kids had their own cameras, so I didn’t take as many photos this time.

We got here in peak fall colors, so I really wanted to get some great shots. We saw some great colors has were were driving, but unfortunately, it was tough to pull over and get anything worth framing….too many buildings, roads and guard rails for my tastes…LOL!

While we were visiting my family, we took a short drive to visit the Bushy Run Battlefield. It actually took us 3 tries to finally visit the park. The first visit, it was closed. On the second try, the weather wasn’t cooperating and we didn’t have the time to stay, so we came back the next day when it was nicer.

There was a small park just before the Battlefield Park. This was from our second visit, while the skies were overcast and part raining….great op for pictures! I don’t have any info about this cabin, but I really like this. I would have include more room to the right, but there was a sign and it just didn’t fit the period!

Small Cabin in the Woods

On the way back to the park, I had an opportunity to take these pictures. Route 993 isn’t the best location to stop and take pictures, but fortunately there was a wide spot that I could pull over without getting run over!

Fall Colors Along Route 993
Fall Colors Along Route 993

I’m still looking through photos, so I may post some more pictures later on this week. Thanks for looking!

Mike is a Central Valley California landscape and nature photographer whose subjects include scenes from Merced County, Yosemite, SeKi, and the eastern Sierra. He is currently living in Atwater, CA.

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  1. Beautiful!! I really like the cabin photo, too. Isn’t it a shame how someone can put a sign where a sign ought not to be? Unless it says “Do not park here to make photos” *LOL*

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