Glacier Point

Sunset from Glacier Point
Sunset from Glacier Point

Probably my last image from my latest trip up to Glacier Point. This was earlier then the other sunset picture I posted a few weeks ago: Storm Clouds and Sunset […]

Mount Florence from Glacier Point

I wanted to photograph the moon the day before the full moon. This way the moon could be visible in the daylight, as well as the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, there […]

Vogelsang Peak from Glacier Point

It seemed like the focus this afternoon was going to be Half Dome with the impending sunset. Still, I kept looking for other photo opportunities. I liked the way the […]

Glacier Point Yosemite

It’s now round two! Going through my recent photos from my Yosemite trip from a few weeks ago. This was one of the first photos I took when I first […]

Moonrise Over Mount Clark

I was done photographing the sunset at Glacier Point. I was just standing there and one of the tourists asked me if I were waiting for the moon. Honestly, I […]

Half Dome from Glacier Point

I had an opportunity to meet a local (Atwater) photographer and spend the whole day shooting and talking. I wanted to stick around town, maybe Hornitos, Lake Yosemite or San […]