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  • Merced NWR 3-24-10

    Merced NWR 3-24-10

    It about a month since I’ve been out the Merced NWR. I normally stay until sunset, but since the time change and because the kids are done before sunset, I only stayed for a short time. One of the pools are now dry, the Geese are gone too. I found several Killdeer to be cooperative, […]

  • Great Blue Heron at Merced NWR

    Great Blue Heron at Merced NWR

    I’ve been trying to capture a Great Blue Heron (GBH), close up, for some time now. Every time I get closer they fly away. Yesterday I drove out to the Merced NWR, just because. Didn’t plan on getting anything, not even a sunset photo as there were no clouds. I just thought I’d drive the […]