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  • First Photos of the Year

    First Photos of the Year

    It’s another one of those “First Photo of the Year” post. The last few years I had hoped to get out often, but never materialized. No promises this year as I’m waiting for to be scheduled for another surgery. I almost decided on staying home because the weather said overcast overnight, but clearing in the […]

  • First Time, First Light

    First Time, First Light

    It only took me two months this year to get myself out to the local refuge. Saw that the waning crescent moon, Mars, Jupiter and possibly Saturn will be visible in the early morning sky, figured why not. They were spaced further apart than I’d like to see, so while I took a picture, they […]

  • The Setting Full Moon at the Wetlands

    The Setting Full Moon at the Wetlands

    For about a year now , I’ve been getting up early, way before sunrise, to walk around our neighborhood. I usually walk 4 mile, Monday through Friday. Every day after a Full Moon I think, “Wish I brought my camera”. Problem with that is, camera and lens is heavy and mostly, there isn’t a good […]

  • Long Time

    Long Time

    As the Boston songs says, “It’s Been Such A Long Time”. This morning I decided to take a drive to the local refuge instead of my morning walk. The day before we had a nice sunrise, so I figured maybe I’d see another. Not so this time. Had fog, which is a good thing for […]

  • Strawberry Moon Two Days Later

    Strawberry Moon Two Days Later

    Went outside to say goodbye to my kids for the evening (going to grandparents for the night) and saw an orange moon. Thought it was another Lunar Eclipse, although I knew it wasn’t. I know there are some fires in the hills, so that’s most likely the cause. Since I haven’t taken any landscape/nature photos […]

  • Moon Over the Merced Theatre

    Moon Over the Merced Theatre

    I was planning on going into Merced to try and capture the rising moon over the Merced Theatre but it looked cloudy so I stayed home. I took a look outside when it was time and I saw a perfect conditions. Oh well. Knowing that the moon would rise about a few minutes before sunset […]

  • First Outing of 2017

    First Outing of 2017

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve been out taking photos of landscape or nature stuff. Been wanting to get out to my local refuge since the beginning of the year, but couldn’t for one reason or another. We’ve had some recent storms, so I told myself that I had to get out there […]

  • First Visit of the Year

    First Visit of the Year

    I’ve been wanting to visit “That Place with Water and Birds” since the first of the year, but up until now, I haven’t been able to. Since my wife had the day off and the kids have a 4-day weekend, I thought I’d drive over and see what’s happening. There was A LOT of fog […]

  • Small Tree, Large Cloud

    Small Tree, Large Cloud
  • Dancing Bird

    Dancing Bird

    After I decided to switch from a landscape photographer to a wildlife-wanabe-photographer, I stopped to watch a bunch of White-faced Ibis’ eat and occasionally dance. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t dancing, but either a territory dispute or finding a mate. I probably spent about 10 minutes watching a photographing them. Most of them went to […]