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  • 15 Minutes of Excitement!

    15 Minutes of Excitement!

    Spent the afternoon at the “Matenkosky NWR” or maybe “The Backcountry NWR”, haven’t decided what to call my backyard ‘refuge’. Anyway, it was a pretty boring afternoon. I had hoped for the Yellow-rumped Warblers that I’ve been courting these last few days to get closer, but no luck…..until near sunset. All of the sweet light […]

  • My First Lawrence’s Goldfinch!

    My First Lawrence’s Goldfinch!

    I had a two hours to kill until I had to pick up the kids at Awana. I got my camera, tripod and cushion an headed to the Matenkosky NWR….my backyard. I was hoping to capture a better photo of one of the Yellow-rumped Warblers that I’ve been seeing, but no luck. Instead, I saw […]