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  • The New Backyard DIY Photography Blind, Pond and Waterfall

    The New Backyard DIY Photography Blind, Pond and Waterfall

    Last year I wanted to build a small DIY photography blind in my backyard. I had an old play house that my kids used to play in. It worked, but I had to sit sideways and shoot. Not very comfortable. I need something larger and I also wanted to add a small water feature. I […]

  • Orange-crowned Warbler and Friends

    Orange-crowned Warbler and Friends

    I finished my new photography blind and pond/waterfall a few days ago. I’m going to take some pictures and post them at a later time, but I just had to try it out! I was able to capture an Orange-crowned Warbler flying around our Orange tree. They look like a hummingbird at first. It’s not […]

  • A Wet & Wild Lincoln’s Sparrow

    A Wet & Wild Lincoln’s Sparrow

    I spent most of the afternoon just watching the different birds feeding, drinking and fighting. I just enjoyed the show and really didn’t take any pictures. Then I saw a “new” bird, a Lincoln’s Sparrow. I only got one photo last year and never saw it again. This afternoon he (or she) decided to stop […]

  • A Great Week!

    A Great Week!

    It’s been a great week for me. I had my 1-year check-up since the doctors fused my left leg (Arthrodesis) at Stanford Hospital. They told me everything was great and unless I just wanted to go back…just to update the family….I’m now free and clear. After nearly 4 years of countless appointments/hospitalizations, I’m done! I’ve […]