Mammoth Peak

Photo of clouds and Mammoth Peak and the Kuna Crest

As I was going through my archives I came across this one from a few years ago called Clouds Over the Kuna Crest. I’ve always liked it, but I thought […]

Clouds Over The Kuna Crest in Black and White

Seems that clouds are a rare thing these days, at least when I’m in Yosemite trying to take some cool photos. I was happy to see a bunch of clouds […]

Sunset Over Mammoth Peak

On this trip I wanted to stay in the Tioga Pass area so I could photograph both sunrise and sunset. After I photographed sunrise, I spent the rest of the […]

#3 Mammoth Peak Before Sunrise

This is a bit different today. I need your help. Same picture, but three different crops. Which version (crop) do you prefer? #1 – The Original (2:3) #2 #3 Square

Mammoth Peak at Sunrise 3

After a brief stop to photograph Siesta Lake by moonlight, I arrived at Tioga Pass around 5am. The temperature was around 30 degrees that morning, and I was glad I […]

Siesta Lake by Moonlight

Well, I did it again. I really enjoyed my last Tuolumne Meadows trip, really. One thing that bothered me was the Mammoth Peak photo. I knew the conditions where not […]

Mammoth Peak in Black and White

I posted the color version yesterday on my blog and some of the landscape photography forums. A few people suggested that I convert the color image to a black and […]

Mammoth Peak Reflection

When I hiked to Mount Dana years ago, I remember seeing some small pools in the beginning of the hike. I thought I’d walk a small portion of the Mount […]

Mammoth Peak From Tuolmne "Lake"

My wife booked a room at Lee Vinning Monday so the kids could play in the snow Monday afternoon and in the evening I hoped to capture “something” at sunset. […]

New Look and New Images for Purchase!

I decided change my website a bit. Since I’m a nature photographer, I wanted the site to reflect a more natural or outdoor look. I changed the color scene for […]