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  • Orange-crowned Warbler and a Rufous Hummingbird

    Orange-crowned Warbler and a Rufous Hummingbird

    I have been processing photos from my latest Yosemite trip all afternoon. I happen to see a larger bird flying away….definitely NOT a hummingbird. I figured it was our Orange-crowned Warbler again. I saw him once last year, but I never got a good picture of it. I wasn’t going to try again since feeders […]

  • Orange-crowned Warbler and Friends

    Orange-crowned Warbler and Friends

    I finished my new photography blind and pond/waterfall a few days ago. I’m going to take some pictures and post them at a later time, but I just had to try it out! I was able to capture an Orange-crowned Warbler flying around our Orange tree. They look like a hummingbird at first. It’s not […]

  • A Hummingbird?

    A Hummingbird?

    Not sure what kind of Hummingbird this is. 😉 I was sitting down drinking my coffee this morning and I saw this Orange-crowned Warbler trying to use my hummingbird feeder. Lucky for my, my camera was near. I also shot this through the sliding glass window. I didn’t want to risk opening the window and […]