2009 Winter Showcase

Hannah and Sarah had their dance recital on Saturday at Mitchell K-6 Elementary school. Hannah was chosen as one of the ‘Junior STARZ’, based on teacher recommendation and performance. Christmas […]

This is starting to be a habit now. Every Wednesday my kids have gymnastics practice for 4 hours. I drop off the kids and my wife at the gym and […]

Great Blue Haron

I’ve been trying to capture a Great Blue Heron (GBH), close up, for some time now. Every time I get closer they fly away. Yesterday I drove out to the […]

Tule Elk

While I was driving the loop at San Luis NWR, I finally saw a few Tule Elk close enough that my 300mm and 1.4x II could capture it. I still […]

The Moon at San Luis NWR, CA

I was hoping for a great place to photograph sunset at San Luis NWR, but couldn’t find a decent location. I was just standing there looking for “something” to shoot […]


Took a quick drive the Merced NWR last week (I know I’m slow in posting) to try and capture the sunset. I planned on setting up at my normal location, […]

Mount Dana Yosemite

Had a two night stay at the Lower Pines Campground in Yosemite a few weeks ago. I know….I’m late in posting it! Anyway. I had an opportunity to go camping […]

Water + Camera = Fun!

I’m back this season as the “Official” Awana Clubs photographer. I haven’t taken any action shots in months, so I had to get used to that…but in no time I […]

Zumwalt Meadow

Took a day trip to Kings Canyon on Saturday with James. Unfortunately Michael wasn’t able to go. We drove out to Zumwalt Meadows and hiked the “mainly flat” 1.5 mile […]