Cathedral Peak From Tuolmne Meadows

I found my location for the evening. My focus was to be Lembert Dome and Mammoth Peak. I took a few pre-sunset photos…just in case. I noticed some clouds forming […]

Mammoth Peak From Tuolmne "Lake"

My wife booked a room at Lee Vinning Monday so the kids could play in the snow Monday afternoon and in the evening I hoped to capture “something” at sunset. […]

Open House from Wendel Rosen

Yesterday, Stacy and I attended the 5th Anniversary Open House Party for the Wendel Rosen Modesto office. Why you ask? About a month ago I was contacted by a art […]

New Inspirational and Landscape Pictures

In the last couple of weeks, I included several Inspirational and Landscape pictures to my online gallery. As usual, if you find a picture from my blog that isn’t included […]

Swirling Clouds Over Bridalveil Falls

Seeing Friday’s Yosemite webcam, I really wanted to take a drive and hopefully photograph a sunset for myself. My wife had the day off and suggested a trip to Hornitos […]

It’s been a long in coming project, almost a year, but I was just informed that my episode of “Insight” from the Merced Sun-Star is now running. It was a […]