ACBC Play: "Jake's Christmas Gift"

Well it’s been several months since I had an opportunity to get out and shoot any new material. This past Sunday our church, put on an excellent Christmas Play called […]

A typical Google search

What is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization “. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, a nature photographer, or maybe you’re just a hobbyist with a personal website, everybody wants […]

Laurel Mountain at Sunset

Thought I’d just post the rest of the images (that I liked) of my Eastern Sierra Fall Colors here.

Cool and Calm

Before I packed up my camera stuff for the evening, I walked over to the spillway at Convict Lake. By that time all of the photographers had left so I […]

Fall Colors at June Lake Loop

I wasn’t too happy with a lot of my photos from the June Lake Loop Fall Color trip. Maybe it was just bad timing or I just didn’t have the […]

Sunset at Lundy Lake

I spent the day between Convict Lake and Conway Summit in search of fall colors. My normal locations was either past due or the colors were not quite ready. Last […]

Sunrise at Convict Lake

I spent the night at the Convict Lake Campground. I got some nice dramatic skies that evening and I was hoping for the same for that morning. It wasn’t quite […]

Laurel Mountain at Sunset

I was planning on going up to the eastern Sierra for the fall colors next week (19th and 20th). I decided to go this weekend mainly because of the recent […]