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Sunrise at Convict Lake

Sunrise at Convict Lake

I spent the night at the Convict Lake Campground. I got some nice dramatic skies that evening and I was hoping for the same for that morning. It wasn’t quite as dramatic that morning, but I had some nice colors in the sky.

Sunrise at Convict Lake
Sunrise at Convict Lake 1
Sunrise at Convict Lake
Sunrise at Convict Lake 2

Thought I’d take a picture of me and my camp before I packed up.

Me at the Convict Lake Camground
Me at the Convict Lake Camground

Mike is a Central Valley California landscape and nature photographer whose subjects include scenes from Merced County, Yosemite, SeKi, and the eastern Sierra. He is currently living in Atwater, CA.

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6 responses to “Sunrise at Convict Lake”

  1. Praise God!!! Do you have any idea how happy I am to see a photo of you and your campsite?!?!?! Just to know that you got to sleep in a tent gives me great joy!!

    Your photos are beautiful, as always 😉

  2. I am retiring this coming year…and have been considering how I could make a little money off something I love…I so appreciate all your info and checked it all out. I live in New England and love taking photos of nature…some say I should consider selling my pics but have been giving them away at this point. This info helped so much and is a good reality check on what I need to invest. I most certainly will start small and wonder if you are still around and this is not a ghost town website…what is the minimal I need to get?

    • I would have replied earlier, but I was in the hospital.

      I really don’t have an answer about how much is the minimum price. If your talking about just a website, probably $200-$300 for a site like Smugmug. I don’t use them though. If your talking about arts and craft shows, the sky is the limit.

  3. Michael I found your photo at convict lake in my bookmarks. And discovered you responded to me seven years ago after you had been released from the hospital. I am so surprised at your kindness to respond when you were not feeling so great. I have continued with my photography and my sons bought me a better 500 dollar camera to replace my yardsale canon powershot I bought for 5 dollars. But I have had great fun with both of them learning off youtube and exploring this beautiful world. I pray you are doing well now and hoped you had a full recovery and are back at capturing such beauty and sharing it with others. It has been so long I may be sending this off to no where but if you are still there you photos inspired me and I have sold my work now as prints and cards. I am also a part of a prison ministry and share my 4 by 6 photos with a verse to to about 250 inmates male and female. Truly a captured audience but I am told my nature photos of the Atlantic ocean, mountains and farms is appreciated. Photography is such a wonderful way to express oneself and revel in the beauty that surrounds us. Take care Mike

  4. Hi Ruth! I’m still “kicking”. I’m doing well, thank you. I’m glad you’ve been able to sell some of your work and more importantly you are sharing them with your prison ministry. Take care and keep on shooting!

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