Bridalveil Falls in the Fog

Bridalveil Falls in the Fog at Tunnel View Yosemite
Bridalveil Falls in the Fog

I have wanted to drive up to Yosemite after a big storm all season. Between the one-car-family, kids and other commitments, getting everything inline is a tough thing to do. I was watching the weather last week and it looked like another storm was brewing and it looked like it would clear Friday/Saturday.

On Friday, the rain was still a factor, so I thought I’d try my luck on Saturday. Saturday was clear, but it looked like it could still rain/storm. My kids had a event that I wanted to see that morning and thought if the skies looked promising after the event, I’d take a drive that afternoon.

The skies held, so after I quickly changed into warmer clothes, made some lunch and filled up the van with gas and camera stuff and headed to Yosemite.

Got to Yosemite at 4pm and made a bee-lone to Tunnel View to check out the conditions. It was pretty foggy there. All I could see was Bridalveil Falls. Couldn’t see El Capitan or Half Dome. Took a few pictures and decided to go down to the valley and see what I could see. Stopped at a few locations, but the fog really started to drop even lower. Thought I’d drive back up to Tunnel View and just “camp out” and take my chances.

I had the whole place to myself, I guess because nothing was visible. Had a few more photographers show up and within a half hour I could see parts of Bridalveil Falls. Nothing spectacular yet so I chatted with a few people. We started seeing some bright light in a few spots and I thought I’d better shoot now because in an instant, it could be gone. Sure enough, within a minute it was gone.

Mike Matenkosky

Mike is a Central Valley California landscape and nature photographer whose subjects include scenes from Merced County, Yosemite, SeKi, and the eastern Sierra. He is currently living in Atwater, CA.

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  1. Mike . . . nice misty shot! Don’t know if you realize it, but a specific section of the American Falls at Niagara Falls is also called “Bridal Veil Falls”.


    1. Not surprised, I think there are several “Bridalveil Falls” or “Bridal Veil Falls” around the world.

      Thanks for the comment, Gordie!


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