New Inspirational and Landscape Pictures

In the last couple of weeks, I included several Inspirational and Landscape pictures to my online gallery. As usual, if you find a picture from my blog that isn’t included […]

It’s been a long in coming project, almost a year, but I was just informed that my episode of “Insight” from the Merced Sun-Star is now running. It was a […]

Really Right Stuff Goodies! After 5 years of having to screw on/off my camera to my tripod head, I bought a RRS B2-Pro clamp for my Manfrotto 488 head; B5D-L […]

New Look and New Images for Purchase!

I decided change my website a bit. Since I’m a nature photographer, I wanted the site to reflect a more natural or outdoor look. I changed the color scene for […]

Yep, no pictures this time. I’ve been “busy” re-designing my backpacking/hiking website, The Backcountry. I really like the new design and I sparked a ‘bug’ to tweak my nature photography […]

In January 2006 I needed a wheelchair after my first knee replacement. Unfortunately, it went bad and for two years I was either in my wheelchair or using a walker. […]

Not really sure if it was boredom or just busy work, but I just finished adding over 700 entries into my backpacking website database, The Backcountry. About 6 months ago, […]

Resistance is futile!

Well, I decided to join the masses and create my own blog. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it shortly! Let’s see if this works…