El Capitan

Valley View at Night

As I was leaving Glacier Point Friday evening, the moon finally cleared the clouds. I stopped at Washburn Point to have dinner, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and just […]

El Capitan

One thing is for sure, sometimes it takes a while to decide if I want to post some of my experiences or photos. This is one of them. Some of […]

New Inspirational and Landscape Pictures

In the last couple of weeks, I included several Inspirational and Landscape pictures to my online gallery. As usual, if you find a picture from my blog that isn’t included […]

Swirling Clouds Over Bridalveil Falls

Seeing Friday’s Yosemite webcam, I really wanted to take a drive and hopefully photograph a sunset for myself. My wife had the day off and suggested a trip to Hornitos […]

Common Raven

While I was trying to take a nap I couldn’t resist taken a picture of this Raven and then later on this Mule Deer at the El Capitan picnic area…

Cloud on Horsetail Fall

As I was waiting until sunset to capture the Horsetail Falls, I spotted this single cloud right on top of the falls. I thought I’d convert the color image into […]