Family stuff like trips, birthdays etc.

Mount Watkins at Sunset

Took the family to do some stargazing. Before we headed up to Glacier Point I stopped at Mirror Lake. Ten years ago we spent the afternoon playing in the water […]

One Lake, Six Eyes

One our way home from Hornitos, I had to stop by Lake McClure to see if I could capture a few photos of the last light. Took one picture and […]

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything. Without going into major details I’ve been “under the weather” for the last few months. I ended up in the hospital […]

My 47th Birthday

Call it boredom I guess, but thought I’d post a “Happy Birthday to Me” post and picture. I’m usually behind the camera. I originally thought I’d break out the tripod […]

Manger Scene

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everybody here! The manger scene is a scratch-built building using balsa wood, plastic sheet and ordinary twigs and sand. I included two grain […]

El Capitan

One thing is for sure, sometimes it takes a while to decide if I want to post some of my experiences or photos. This is one of them. Some of […]

KTL Field Trip to Washington DC, Gettysburg, NYC and Philadelphia

Our first week of our 3-week vacation was a school field trip to Washington DC, Gettysburg, NYC, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Here’s a few photos from some of the monuments I […]

Glider Golf 2010

While I was visiting my family in western Pennsylvania, I had an opportunity to watch and photograph one of my father’s R/C Gilder events; “Glider Golf 2010”. It’s a 9 […]