El Capitan

Thanksgiving at Yosemite

One thing is for sure, sometimes it takes a while to decide if I want to post some of my experiences or photos. This is one of them.

Some of you know by now, my wife booked us (me and the kids) room at the historic Mariposa Hotel Inn for Thanksgiving. She woke me up Thanksgiving morning and told me to pack! We had no plans for the day, no Turkey to cook and her mom and dad were visiting out of state.

Sounded good to me. We like things a bit un-traditional. We found only one restaurant open and instead of ordering the Turkey buffet, we had hamburgers instead.

Since we were 45 minutes from Yosemite, I had to drive up the next day and do the “tourist thing”. My wife suggested doing the nature walk at 3pm, so that’s what we did.

Had to stop and get a picture of Cathedral Rocks.

Cathedral Rocks
Cathedral Rocks

Had to photograph the trees while we were on our nature walk.


We “missed” sunset as we were on the bus. Didn’t see any ‘wow’ moments anyway. Had to stop here and try and capture the last bit of light on El Capitan.

El Capitan
El Capitan

Mike is a Central Valley California landscape and nature photographer whose subjects include scenes from Merced County, Yosemite, SeKi, and the eastern Sierra. He is currently living in Atwater, CA.

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  1. Jim Cayer Avatar

    What a way to spend Thanksgiving, outstanding shots Mike.

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