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  • Sunset at Lundy Lake

    Sunset at Lundy Lake

    I spent the day between Convict Lake and Conway Summit in search of fall colors. My normal locations was either past due or the colors were not quite ready. Last year I stayed at the beaver pond at Lundy Canyon for sunset. This year I thought I’d go to Lundy Lake. There were some nice […]

  • Sunset at Glacier Point

    Sunset at Glacier Point

    I had an opportunity to meet a local (Atwater) photographer and spend the whole day shooting and talking. I wanted to stick around town, maybe Hornitos, Lake Yosemite or San Luis NWR. Unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement, so I reluctantly (seriously) suggested Yosemite. I said reluctantly because I new it was going to […]

  • Reflecting Tree at Sunset

    Reflecting Tree at Sunset

    I’ve been wanting to drive out to the Merced National Wildlife Refuge for a few months now. I knew most of the water has drained and the birds have left for the season, but I also know other birds stay all year. Since Sarah really loves Owls, we all took a drive to see what […]