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  • Leftover Colors

    Leftover Colors

    Thought I’d just post the rest of the images (that I liked) of my Eastern Sierra Fall Colors here.

  • Cool and Calm

    Cool and Calm

    Before I packed up my camera stuff for the evening, I walked over to the spillway at Convict Lake. By that time all of the photographers had left so I had the place to myself. Since it was dusk, the colors were more blue than anything else, so I converted this to a black and […]

  • Sunrise at Convict Lake

    Sunrise at Convict Lake

    I spent the night at the Convict Lake Campground. I got some nice dramatic skies that evening and I was hoping for the same for that morning. It wasn’t quite as dramatic that morning, but I had some nice colors in the sky. Thought I’d take a picture of me and my camp before I […]

  • Laurel Mountain at Sunset

    Laurel Mountain at Sunset

    I was planning on going up to the eastern Sierra for the fall colors next week (19th and 20th). I decided to go this weekend mainly because of the recent storms. I was hoping to catch some nice photography weather (clouds/storms) and some fall colors. I figured if the fall colors weren’t epic, maybe I […]

  • The Convict is Out!

    The Convict is Out!

    I thought the title was fitting! I spent the last 2 days going through pictures of my recent eastern Sierra fall color trip. I started my journey at Convict Lake for sunrise and I went as far as Conway Summit. I figured I’d post my favorite photos of the Laurel Mountain/Convict Lake photos. In the […]