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  • Moon Over Mt. Clark, Gray Peak and Mt. Starr King

    Moon Over Mt. Clark, Gray Peak and Mt. Starr King

    As I mentioned on my last entry, Gray Peak and the Moon, I had some issues with my 300mm lens. Once the moon was farther away, I switched to my 70-200 so I could capture Mt. Clark, Gray Peak and Mt. Starr King, and of course the moon.

  • Moon Over Mount Clark

    Moon Over Mount Clark

    I was done photographing the sunset at Glacier Point. I was just standing there and one of the tourists asked me if I were waiting for the moon. Honestly, I forgot and I really had no intention of staying. I figured by the time the moon showed up, it would be completely dark. So I […]

  • Supermoon in Atwater California

    Supermoon in Atwater California

    I wasn’t going to take any pictures of the supermoon. I just couldn’t resist it, so I quickly grabbed my tripod and camera and ran well, as fast as I could walk, down the street and captured this…

  • The Alabama Hills

    The Alabama Hills

    I had to take a trip down to the Alabama Hills while I was there in Lone Pine. I probably should have gotten up early instead of waiting until evening, but I got a few pictures before the sun went behind the mountains – and I mean fast! One minute the sun was there and […]

  • Lone Pine California

    Lone Pine California

    Took a 4-day car camping trip to Lone Pine CA to visit a friend. Really didn’t plan on focusing my trip around photography, but I did set out in the evening to see what I could capture. On this evening, we took a drive up to the Whitney Portal and stopped part way up at […]

  • Last Image of Mammoth Peak

    Last Image of Mammoth Peak

    It’s funny because I wasn’t even going to take more photos in the near-dark sky, but I couldn’t help myself taking just one more picture! I really like the white snow glowing in the sky. So I started the drive back to Lee Vining and the rest of my family. I kept looking at the […]

  • The Moon at San Luis NWR, CA

    The Moon at San Luis NWR, CA

    I was hoping for a great place to photograph sunset at San Luis NWR, but couldn’t find a decent location. I was just standing there looking for “something” to shoot and I turned behind me and I saw the moon with a a great red/blue sky.

  • The Biggest Full Moon in 2009

    The Biggest Full Moon in 2009

    Tonight is going to be the biggest full moon of 2009, so why not take a picture! Here’s a way to get you in the ballpark as far as exposure: The Moony RuleFull Moon – f/11 @ 1/ISOHalf Moon – f/8 @ 1/ISOQuarter Moon – f/5.6 @ 1/ISO Here’s my moon using my EOS 5D, […]