The Biggest Full Moon in 2009

Tonight is going to be the biggest full moon of 2009, so why not take a picture! Here’s a way to get you in the ballpark as far as exposure:

The Moony Rule
Full Moon – f/11 @ 1/ISO
Half Moon – f/8 @ 1/ISO
Quarter Moon – f/5.6 @ 1/ISO

Here’s my moon using my EOS 5D, 300mm f/4L, 1.4x II, ISO 100, f/8, 1/100. I started out using f/11, but it was too dark so I dialed it down a bit until I had a proper exposed photo.

Full Moon - 01-10-2009

Mike Matenkosky

Mike is a Central Valley California landscape and nature photographer whose subjects include scenes from Merced County, Yosemite, SeKi, and the eastern Sierra. He is currently living in Atwater, CA.

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