Year: 2013

  • My Favorite Photos from 2013

    My Favorite Photos from 2013

    I thought I’d join in on Jim Goldstein’s Annual “Your Best Photos Blog Project” this year. It has been an interesting year to say the least. I had the pleasure of meeting G Dan Mitchell and David Hoffman one chilly morning in January. Shortly after that (about a week), my health went down hill. I’ve […]

  • The Anti-Sunset

    The Anti-Sunset

    I was already late. I wanted to stop by the refuge before I go to this month’s camera club meeting. I already knew exactly where I wanted to go, and nothing would stop me. Pity because I drove by what would be probably the best light that afternoon. Oh well. Pretty happy with what I […]

  • No Moon, but I See the Sun

    No Moon, but I See the Sun

    Looking at my The Photographer’s Ephemeris last week I noticed that the Waning Crescent Moon might be visible on December 1 until around 4pm. Decided to take a drive to Lake Yosemite in Merced. I wanted a picture of the Moon and the “Witch Tower”. Unfortunately I didn’t see it, but I decided to stay […]

  • Waiting on Friends

    Waiting on Friends

    I really didn’t plan on making a trip to the refuge this morning. Last night I was cruising Facebook and I noticed a photographer-friend was in the area. After a few personal messages, I found out she was going to be there for sunrise. I got there around 6:45 and didn’t see anybody as I […]

  • One Lake, Six Eyes

    One our way home from Hornitos, I had to stop by Lake McClure to see if I could capture a few photos of the last light. Took one picture and I hear my youngest daughter, Sarah, saying that her iPod wasn’t working right. She couldn’t take any pictures. So I let her, and my other […]

  • Moon Over Saint Catherine’s Church

    Moon Over Saint Catherine’s Church

    My wife and I have been wanting to take the kids to Hornitos for some time. I knew the moon would be rising behind the old Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church around 4:15 on Friday. I mentioned to my wife about going there and she thought she’d been wanting to go as well…not just taking pictures […]

  • MNWR Update

    MNWR Update

    I finally decided to check out the Merced Camera Club after two or three years of “I should”. Since it started at 6:30, I thought I’d drive over to the refuge to see what the conditions were. I saw some clouds in the sky and I was hoping some nice colors at sunset. Arriving around […]

  • Recent Hummingbird Photos

    Recent Hummingbird Photos

    It’s been a few years since I went outside to photograph any birds. So I decided to pack all of my camera stuff and took the long walk to the back porch…about 20 feet! To make it easier on me I removed one of my feeders and taped 3 of the 4 “holes”. Much easier […]

  • The Sun Hit

    The Sun Hit
  • Doug


    Saw this Douglas Squirrel munching on a nut on top of a fallen tree.