The Bethlehem Project

Today our church had their annual Christmas Play. This year it was called “The Bethlehem Project” by C. Barney Robertson and Carter Robertson. Hannah played ‘Mary’ and Sarah played one […]

Merced NWR, Central Valley Califonia

I was already late. I wanted to stop by the refuge before I go to this month’s camera club meeting. I already knew exactly where I wanted to go, and […]

Sunset at Lake Yosemite

Looking at my The Photographer’s Ephemeris last week I noticed that the Waning Crescent Moon might be visible on December 1 until around 4pm. Decided to take a drive to […]

Sunrise at Merced NWR

I really didn’t plan on making a trip to the refuge this morning. Last night I was cruising Facebook and I noticed a photographer-friend was in the area. After a […]

One Lake, Six Eyes

One our way home from Hornitos, I had to stop by Lake McClure to see if I could capture a few photos of the last light. Took one picture and […]

MNWR Update

I finally decided to check out the Merced Camera Club after two or three years of “I should”. Since it started at 6:30, I thought I’d drive over to the […]