Sarah, the Flower Child

It’s that time again to pick my favorite ten photos from 2017. So in no particular order, here is my favorite photos of 2017…

Fall colors at Convict Lake.

One of my favorite fall colors location has to be Convict Lake. Drove the 4 hour trip to capture the first light. Got there around 5am and tried to find […]

Fall colors on the June Lake Loop.

Okay, this technically is NOT the first picture of my recent fall color trip on Thursday. It was the first photo that I processed and posted here. I got up […]

Mount Watkins at Sunset

Took the family to do some stargazing. Before we headed up to Glacier Point I stopped at Mirror Lake. Ten years ago we spent the afternoon playing in the water […]

The Moon rising over the Merced Theater in Merced California.

I was planning on going into Merced to try and capture the rising moon over the Merced Theatre but it looked cloudy so I stayed home. I took a look […]

Milky Way Over Glacier Point

Been wanting to try my hand on night photography. Since my youngest daughter wanted to see the stars I packed up the family. drinks, food and camera stuff and headed […]

Moon Rising Over Red Peak

It’s Moon time again. Most of the time the best time to photograph the full moon and also see some of the landscape details is to go the day before […]

Rising Moon Over Washburn Point

I spent my morning near Tioga Pass photographing Mammoth Peak. For the evening I drove up to Washburn Point in hopes to capture the rising moon over Red Peak and […]

Rising Moon Over Red Peak in Black in White

Last month the clouds obscured the rising moon when I was at Washburn Point. When I arrived here on Friday there were a few clouds overhead. Since I wasn’t going […]