Rising Moon Over Washburn Point

I spent my morning near Tioga Pass photographing Mammoth Peak. For the evening I drove up to Washburn Point in hopes to capture the rising moon over Red Peak and […]

Rising Moon Over Red Peak in Black in White

Last month the clouds obscured the rising moon when I was at Washburn Point. When I arrived here on Friday there were a few clouds overhead. Since I wasn’t going […]

Mammoth Peak in the Morning

The park finally opened up Tioga Pass last week. I got a chance to make the 3-hour drive Friday morning stopping at my favorite high country “icon”, Mammoth Peak. Spent […]

Red Peak at Washburn Point Yosemite

Clouds obscured the rising moon that afternoon, but had some nice light on Red Peak from Washburn Point.

A Rainbow over Washburn Point

Had to run to capture the rainbow over Washburn Point. By the time I got set up, the rainbow was starting to fade but you can still see it.

Liberty Cap and Nevada Falls from Washburn Point

Went up to Washburn Point to hopefully shoot the rising Moon. Since I got there early, I milled around looking for photo ops. I recently shot Nevada and Vernal Falls […]

Sentinel Rock and Sentinel Fall in the morning at Yosemite

Doing my early morning rounds around Yosemite Valley I specifically wanted to stop at Cathedral Rocks because I missed it my last trip. Before Cathedral there is Sentinel Rock. Wasn’t […]

Morning light on Cathedral Rocks

Drove up to the Yosemite to do two things, capture Cathedral Rocks in the morning light and capture the rising moon. I had clouds for most of the day but […]